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This memorial website was created to remember or precious dog Poppy Princess WoofWoof Reilly. She became a member of our family on July 4, 2014 - she rescued us. At the Foothills animal shelter she was named “Beauty”  and she captured our hearts immediately. she has been a loving companion and loyal friend to us all. 

Heaven didn’t gain an angel today, heaven simply got an angel back.

Poppy Princess Woof Woof Reilly was my best friend. I loved her so extremely and I told her everyday. I told that she was beautiful, I told her that she was my favorite, I told her that she made me smile, I told her that she was the best, sweetest, most loving, funny dog I could ever ask for. On the days I was sad or tired, I could trust her soft fur and warm tongue to comfort me. On the days I was happy and filled with joy, she would match those emotions and make my feelings even better. Poppy made life better, Poppy made life easier, Poppy made MY life.
From her beautiful smile to her pink tongue, from her marbles fur to her floppy ears, everything about her was perfect. Not only was she perfect on the outside, but inside she was even more. The way she treated humans (and dogs) should be an example to all other dogs. An example to show them how to be sweet to energetic children, how to obey orders, how to spread happiness, how to make the most of life, how to be gental, hot to make people laugh, how to enjoy the simply things, how to love the people they are with.
If there was one way I could describe my baby doll, my princess, my sweetie pie, my sugar bear, my good girl, I would say that she was the loving joy. The love she had in her heart was admirable and taught me so much. The joy she had at all times of the day was a lesson to me to make enjoy the good over focusing on the bad.
I adored that dog with my whole heart. I’d wake up in the morning and look for Poppy. I’d come home from school and look for Poppy. Before I’d go to sleep, I’d look for Poppy. And whenever I found her, she’d be there, tail wagging, nose sniffing, ears perked, paws crossed.

When I snuggled that dog she comforted me in a way that can never be replaced. I have never realized how soothing she was until my last cuddle with her this morning. I have never wanted to hug on her and love on her more.
But they say it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. I agree with this 100%. While this is my hardest loss, because she was my best friend, I am so thankful to have had her in my life and to have been able to love her the way I did. The idea of living these past (almost) five years of my life without her is a pain worse than the idea of us losing her.

She brought me happiness, and hope, and trust, and love and there is nothing more I could ask for from her other than time.

I loved that Poppy. Obviously I will never forget her, but I like to imagine that all my friends, and colleagues, and teammates who met her will remember her too. At my parties, she was the life of the party. At my work, she was a fun friend to play with. At my games, she was like a mascot for the team. And while people may not have known her name, or even that I was her owner, they knew her face and they loved her heart. She was like a magnet for people. Everyone wanted to touch her or play with her or talk with her, and gladly she would let them. People would always tell me that she was beautiful and I even had a few rare occasions where people would ask me to take pictures of her. That was proof that she wasn’t just beautiful to me because she was my dog, but everyone else thought she just as gorgeous as I did. I mean I guess that’s why the shelter named her Beauty to begin with.
Poppy was an angel on earth, and not just for me, but for so many people. My family, my friends, and even random strangers. I loved that dog, and I will always love her. She will forever have a place in my heart, my mind, my life. I could go on forever about my love for her (because my love for her is infinite). She was a good girl, a funny dog, a sweet soul, and loving princess.

Poppy I love you, I miss you, and I will never forget you. You’ll be forever in my heart. Have a fun time in heaven sweet girl, you’ll be missed. We love you, Poppy. - Kathleen 

My princess poppy wolf Wolf I already miss you I miss seeing your beautiful face you always cheer me up when I was sad I wish you were here to make me happy again I will miss you so much fly high my princess - love Shannon

I miss her I miss her snuggling on my bed and I miss her soft fur and I miss kissing her she was the best dog in the whole wide world. And I’ll never forget her in my life. You helped me earn to talk and to live and to be gentle. I love you John 

Poppy passed away on April 14, 2019, her stomach had flipped and outside of emergency surgery that did not guarantee  full recovery there wasn’t much we could do to help her.

 You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

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